Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 CK minimums?
A. There is no specific minimum.

Q. By the time of application, does the USMLE Step 2 CS need to be completed?
A. No, but get your scores ASAP – before mid-January to be more competitive.

Q. Do you sponsor the H1 visa? Do you accept the ECFMG-sponsored J1 visa?
A. Please visit the GME’s website for more information: https://lluh.org/health-professionals/gme.

Q. Is there a specific requirement for letters of recommendation?
A. Three LORs from US board certified physicians are required.

Q. Do you have any IMGs?
A. Yes. We have no IMG’s in the program presently, however.

Q. By time of application, is the California Status letter required?
A. No, but by mid-January if the applicant does not have a PTAL, (if it’s required of you) the applicant will not be ranked.

Q. How many overnight calls would a TY resident have?
A. The number of call nights depends upon the elective and selective rotations chosen by each resident. If residents choose all outpatient and research electives, then usually no call is required during those rotations. During required rotations, the number of overnight calls throughout the year ranges from zero to four.

Q. Do we get free or discounted meals at the cafeteria?
A. Residents receive 20 percent discount on food purchased at the Medical Center, Children’s Hospital, Faculty Dining Room, FMO, and the Councilor’s Student Pavilion. Medical Center cafeteria hours are from 6 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Saturday.

Q. Is there access to Uptodate?
A. There is no hospital wide access at LLUMC, but the GME Office will pay for residents to get it.

Q. Are residents able to do research?
A. TY Residents can chose two months.